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When you book with us you will be getting the whole package; Mountain Biking, Rappelling and Stand Up Paddleboarding, the ultimate Big Bend Guided experience.

We want our activities to be a good fit for you and your crew.

Please read about our tours and be considerate of the members of your group to make sure that we can accommodate everyone, whether it be harness, bike or paddling equipment. Also share the info with your group to make sure everybody knows what they are getting into. No surprises. Some people may need a little guiding and that is what we specialize in, only if they are willing and able so please be honest about your/their ability. Our trips are not suitable for younger kids. We are in a remote location of the United States, do not increase the risk to your younger or less capable family members. Come back when they are bigger, or ask us who we would recommend that would be more suitable. Our adventures are not for everyone, this is important. Give us a call for more info on this, we want to make sure you get the best experience.

Release forms will be signed by all Guests over the age of 18. Parents/Guardians of Minors will sign on behalf of our younger adventurers. Other Children that may be accompanying you who are not your Children will need their Parent/Guardian to sign. You cannot assume risk for other folks kids, thank you.


The cost to go on the Ultimate Big Bend Adventure Experience with us is $ 75 per person for Mountain Biking, $150 for Rappelling and $99 Stand up paddle boarding. You will leave knowing that you went on an adventure, if you have a member of your group that will not be able to participate in one of our activities, contact us and we will see how we can accommodate/modify for this.

A deposit of 50% will be collected at the time of booking and the balance due 72 hours before the activity. If your booking dates are with 72 hours of the trip then payment for the full mount will be due to confirm your booking. If you want to pay using Crypto currency, contact us to complete the transaction. We accept US dollars, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and others. Ask about Monero XMR and Pirate Chain ARRR. Guests paying with Crypto will receive a 10 percent discount. If you are new to Crypto Currencies and would like to use them for the first time, give us a call and we will help you with some great resources to get started.

Cancellation Policy

Need to cancel? No problem. You must give us 7 days notice in order for us to open back up the dates. Big Bend gets busy, and then very quiet. As a small family operated business we cannot afford to lose people at peak times. This is the only way business can survive here at the edge of America. Make sense?

Release forms must be completed before we begin the activity.

We will not let someone continue to participate if we judge them to be a risk to ourselves and other group members, we want you and us to be able to play another day. Thank you for your understanding.

If we need to cancel due to inclement weather or dangerous river levels, you will receive a full refund if we do not start the activity. If we have to cancel during the activity, your refund will be prorated based on the amount of time spent adventuring, typically 50 percent. Please reach out to us for more info on this.

Refunds will be given in the form in which the booking was paid. If using Crypto, your refund will match the equivalent US Dollar amount that was paid at the time of booking minus processing and miners fees that we do not control.