Rappel Rio Grande

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Rappelling is not as difficult as a lot of people think. It really is a very controlled experience that the whole family will appreciate.

We operate a redundant system to give you peace of mind so you can enjoy the experience. First we will ” show you the ropes,” that way you can practice on level ground before you go over the edge. You will rap down a 50 foot cliff overlooking the Rio Grande. You will be doing the work, but will have the added security of a back up line that we will be managing. When you reach the bottom of the cliff, take a little breather, and then climb back up. Don’t worry, it is a VERY easy climb that may leave you wanting to go join a climbing gym when you get home.

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Stand up Paddle Board

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This sport has grown greatly in Texas over the last couple of years with more and more people taking it up or trying it out. It is costly to get started so this will be a great way for you to “test the water,” before you “take the plunge!” so to speak.

Standing up is the idea, but most people sit down and treat it like a kayak. Depending on the wind direction it can be a work out, just like it would be in a canoe or kayak, only easier. Depending on the length and width, SUP boards are very stable, we use longer boards for that reason. You can still fall off though, but no need to worry about having to flip over a capsized canoe that’s full of water. Just jump back on and keep going. We will help you get back on if you need it, most people can figure it though.

The duration of our SUP trip depends on the flow of the Rio Grande which depends on another river in Mexico, the Rio Conchos which has a confluence with the Rio Grande in Presidio, TX. The duration is also determined by how much you want to paddle or just float. This experience requires active participation. Expect it to take 2-3 hours for most people. This is a fantastic way to get in the water and see how this river has made life possible in this extreme environment.

This river trip is best when you do not have any other physically demanding activities or exploring to do on that day. You will have an appetite and you will be tired and ready to relax and get some good rest afterwards. Be ready!

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Please bring drinking water with you and some snacks, a hat (wide brim recommended,) long sleeve shirt, shorts or quicker drying pants and sturdy sandals/water shoes. Sunglasses and Sunscreen are an absolute must. We provide all the necessary safety equipment and some extra drinking water if needed.

Mountain Biking

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Our Mountain bike excursions are a great way to take in the environment and scenery of the desert. Whilst we also love hiking to enjoy a wilderness experience here in Big Bend, we really love how much ground we can cover on a mountain bike, I am sure that you will too! This is a 8 to 15 mile long ride that will get your heart rate up, but you don’t need to be an expert. We go at your pace and we know all the good spots. We also provide water and snacks to keep you going. This is a fun trip with awesome views. We provide the bike and the gear. You come and make the memories.


When you book with us and go on a guided trip, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just show up. There is no picking up and dropping off. You will save a lot of time by coming with us, especially given the distances traveled getting here and getting around here. It is tough to see everything with only a couple of days to spare. Big Bend is a beautiful, but harsh environment. You do not want to get lost, need a repair or get a flat tire out here! We make it accessible. Book with confidence!

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